Faithfulness Like a Rock

Faithful Rock

At the mention of the word faithfulness, we get quiet, almost reverent. A million memories flood our minds, prompting us to shake our heads in wonder.

How do you find words to adequately describe a faithful spouse? A dependable friend? Or maybe even a loyal four-legged mutt? Faithfulness is what we love most about that twenty-year-old pickup in the driveway. It’s what we appreciate about that appliance that keeps going and going and going.

Sadly, there’s less and less in this world we can consistently count on. The bad news is that spouses stumble and lifelong friends falter. The good news is that our God is faithful forever and ever. This means that when we fail, or when our loved ones prove to be less than trustworthy, we have a Rock who never changes (Deuteronomy 32:4; Isaiah 26:4). His enduring love will make us faithful and see us all the way home.

Jesus, thank you for the sure promise that you remain faithful even when I waiver in my faith. Amen.

Reflection Question:  In what part of your life are you hoping to see the faithfulness of God?

* This entry was originally published in my devotional book Following Jesus. Reprinted here with permission.

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