July Challenge: Read the New Testament with Me

July Challenge: Read the New Testament with Me!

Read the Complete New Testament with Me in July

Are you looking for a meaningful way to grow spiritually this summer? Join me in an inspiring journey through the New Testament this July! I’ll be reading the New Testament this July and am looking for a group of people who’d like to join me. Here’s what’s involved:

  1. Commit to reading the New Testament every day in July.
  2. Read or listen to 9 chapters per day (that’s about 30-45 minutes per day).
  3. Meet with me once a week on Zoom for encouragement, motivation, and accountability.

That’s it!

If you’ve never read through the New Testament before or would like some company while reading through it again, I’d love to have you join me on the journey.


When will you meet? We’ll meet Wednesdays at 12 pm (Chicago Time). If you can’t meet during that time, we may be able to schedule another time. Sign up for now, and let’s talk about it.

What will the meetings be like? We’ll meet for 30 minutes on Zoom to check in. This won’t be a teaching time. The primary reason to meet is encouragement and accountability.

What if I fall behind? You pick up where you left off. Let’s say you fall a week behind, and it takes you about 40 days to read the New Testament. That’s still a win! We’ll aim for 30 days, but if it takes you a few extra days, that’s okay. And if you get midway and then stop, you may find that you read more of the Bible than you had planned to. That’s also a win.

Does this cost anything? No.

Is there an ongoing commitment? No.

What translation will we read? You can read whatever translation you’d like.

How do I sign up? Use the sign-up form below, and I’ll email you call and login information.

Can I invite others to join? Yes, feel free to invite friends, family, or anyone else who might be interested in joining us.

What if I miss a Zoom meeting? If you miss a Zoom meeting, don’t worry. You can still continue reading and join us for the next meeting.

Do I need to participate in the discussions during the meetings? Participation is encouraged but not required. You can simply listen and benefit from the encouragement and accountability.

Do I need to believe the Bible to join? Not at all. We only ask that everyone who attends has a genuine interest in reading the Bible. Our calls will assume respect for each other and their viewpoints of the Bible.

Will there be any additional resources provided? I will share some optional resources such as reading plans, study guides, and discussion questions to enhance your reading experience.

How do I get the Zoom link and call information? After you sign up using the form below, I will email you all the necessary call and login information before our first meeting.

What if I have questions about the reading? Feel free to bring any questions to the weekly Zoom meetings. You can also email me if you need clarification or have specific questions.

UPDATE: July 1
Sign ups are closed. If you’d like to read the New Testament in a month, you may find this reading plan helpful.

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  1. I thank you for the invitation. It has been years and I know I will love reading through the New Testament with others.

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