The Most Significant Teachings of the Bible

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The Most Significant Teachings of the Bible

A Quickview Guide


An engaging visual survey of Scripture’s main lessons, this Bible companion makes Scripture accessible and memorable for students, laypeople, and anyone curious to know more about God’s Word—and have it stick.

Saint Augustine once referred to the Bible—this ancient collection of sacred documents—as our “letters from home.”

If Scripture feels daunting to you in some way. If its pages seem inhospitable. If the Bible isn’t the kind of book you’re likely to have on your coffee table, accessible to all who enter your home—than this resource may be your key to unlocking the true approachability of the Bible.

Much human understanding occurs visually. When it comes to quickly grasping and retaining information, the human brain functions best with a combination of words and pictures. The Most Significant Teachings in the Bible is designed to visually communicate the wisdom of the Bible in an informative and understandable way.

Organized into nine major themes that link biblical frameworks to everyday life–such as “Getting to Know God” and “Struggles and Suffering”—this appealing Bible companion brings to vivid clarity the overarching message of Scripture.

Inside you’ll find:

  • At-a-glance snapshots or infographics of biblical themes and Bible verses.
  • Life application call-out boxes for easy reference.
  • Easy-to-read written summaries of biblical topics and chapters.
  • Useful lists, charts, and other visual aids.

God’s Word deserves our attention. After all, it’s the greatest power on earth. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore to read and understand. Because, as intimidating as it is, the Bible is our great “letter from home,” God’s words to us, everything he needs us to know about himself.

The Most Significant Teachings in the Bible is your gateway to a greater understanding and appreciation for those words.

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